A Rocking Chair Experience With God
By Deloris Smith
Spending quiet time with God are special times.  The cool of the day and breeze of the wind allows you to hear and feel His presence.  God wants us to experience Him, and this is just one of the ways He has done that with me.  Come join me as we experience Him together (click on the cover purchased).
A Rocking Chair Experience With God

Author:  Adonna SmithWaves of Grace is the result of God teaching me to discipline myself, to be deliberate about stopping in the midst of the daily madness to breathe and be refreshed. Waves of Grace is a forty-day walk through the Scriptures highlighting many people whom God chose to use. Most times, they felt or were ill-equipped for the tasks set before them. Still, despite struggles, obstacles, and insurmountable odds, they were victorious. Victories came not by their strength or power but because they found time to seek God in the middle of their struggles, even when they did not understand them. Those victories were connected directly to their intimate personal relationship with God. It was the grace of God displayed in their everyday situations. As I began this journey of obedience, I also felt ill-equipped, but I also knew that our little is empowered to become much when submitted into the hands of God. By taking snippets of our day and connecting with God, you and I can draw strength and grace to follow our dreams; continue our journey and along the way connect with those who went before us blazing the path for our generation.  By Adonna Smith

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