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It's About Choices
The Garments of Christ
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The Garments of Christ

The garment of LOVE

     We have talked about season clothes and the correct clothes for you. Today, let’s talk about another clothing God has chosen for his beloved. The clothing He has chosen is one garment, LOVE.  I like to say that this garment has several different colors. When we are tender hearted, we can easily be moved to accomplish His will. Mercy is one of the colors of this garment, which allows us to forgive one another, kindness being genuinely concerned for others. The color of humility allows us to serve others from the heart. The vibrant color of gentleness and patience allows us to correct with a kind nature and be long temper at the same time. This garment is not just plain and simple because it requires time spent with the Holy Spirit so it will fit easily and flow correctly. I hope you can see this beautiful garment of LOVE as I do. Wear this garment well my beloved.   We welcome your comments.

The Full Armor

Yesterday we talked about recognizing your clothes for the season. Today beloved, are we putting on the correct clothes for you. Sometime as Christian we look at other and desires what they have,  but when we put someone else clothes on it doesn’t seem to fit on us. When we put on someone else's shoes it sometimes too small or too big, or it’s not a natural fit for our feet.   On the other hand, their outfit may look good on them, but with our body type, it doesn’t seem to look the same for us. 

Our heavenly Father has designed an amour just for you, and if we put on that full armor, it will fit YOU! 
It is designed to protect, encourage, prepare, help you walk and stand during your day, for your day.  That armor is to fit your day, my day may be different, but it fits each person.   So beloved, let’s use what is designed for us that we may be able to stand because we are clothed with correct garments. Don’t forget that these garments are for battle (more to come).   Please share, comment, or re-post for others to be blessed.

Clothes for the seasons

Beloved, what garment have you refused to take off?   Our heavenly Father has clothed us, but are we refusing to take off the clothes from the old season (old man) and put on the new clothes for this season? When we take something off it has to be replaced with something else.  So, If we take off the clothes of angry, we must replace it with the clothing of forgiveness.   If we take off the clothing of pride, we must replace with the clothing of humility.   So, I challenge you today to take off what the enemy has put on you and replace it with what God has already given you during this season.   We welcome your comments and please share.